Family Living Providers is a type of community living service offered under the DD Waiver with New Mexico Department of Health.

Family Living allows Individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities to live in a residential home with natural or host support. 

  Natural Support Host Support
Relationship Usually related (e.g. mother, father, etc) Not related
Residence Lives with support. Must have their own bedroom Lives with support. Must have their own bedroom
Nursing Services Can be opted out (not necessarily required)

Nursing services provided by Agency

Family Living Providers receive a monthly stipend from ADID Care for the support and services provided. In addition, residents usually pay a monthly room & board fee to the Support.

Family Living Providers develop a long-term relationship with the Individual served and assist in the following:

  • Assisting with medication (if necessary).
  • In home safety.
  • Transportation.
  • Personal care and assistance.
  • Meal planning and prepping. 

ADID Care provides training, service, and support to Family Living Providers. We are with you throughout!

Interested in becoming a Family Living Provider? Contact us today at 505-296-3684